Betting strategy

How to Make Profit Using BetandRelax Services


Most people make bets just for fun, to add some extra emotions to the game they are watching, to “boost” the chances of their favorite team winning the match, or having the illusion to make thousands by betting only $10. However some people do bet to make profit! By using our Corner, Yellow Card and VIP picks, we offer you an easy way to make an attractive return on your investment over relatively short period of time. The diagram below is the easiest way to illustrate that our picks are profitable. It shows that by betting 100 units (be it dollars, euros or other currency) per our corner pick over one week period, you would have earned more than 650 units. It’s a return of more than 43% on your investment over the week! (assuming you have started with the medium bankroll of 1500 units, please see Bankroll Management section for more details below).

To use our picks more profitably, we offer you some basic guidelines below.

There are four major principles that would make your betting profitable:

  1. Match (Prediction) Selection
  2. Bankroll Management
  3. Betting Strategy
  4. Discipline

Match (Prediction) Selection

Selecting a match that you will bet on and that will bring you some profit is the most difficult to do. These days you can bet on just about anything from the number of goals, number of yellow cards or corners to the method of next goal scored. In order to select a good match and to bet profitable, one should spend a lot of time studying the teams, searching for patterns in the game, looking for information on injured players, and so on. At the end of the day if you are not an expert in the field, it would be quite difficult to track so many games and pick the profitable ones. In reality, only few people win consistently and make profits. However, the good news are that you do not have to be an expert to win! We do all this cumbersome work for you and provide the best corner, yellow card and VIP picks that you can bet on and earn money.You just have to bet on our selected picks, bearing in mind the other three principles, and the return will not make you wait long.

Bankroll Management

Bankroll is the amount of money one will use for betting only and only the money that you can afford to lose will make up your bankroll. This means that your bankroll will be used to fund your bets. To make it clear, if you have bankroll of $1,000 and you have to use $400 to pay some bills, then your real bankroll is only $600. It is very important that your bankroll is solely for betting, otherwise you are gambling with money that you cannot afford to lose and that will lead to you making mistakes while betting.

Disregarding the pick selection, the number one reason to lose is the poor bankroll management. The first thing to recognize is that your bankroll should dictate the amount of money you are going to bet per each pick. We suggest the following to have the following bankroll as a guideline. For example if you plan to bet $100 per corner pick, you should have at least $600 as an absolute minimum in your bankroll. It would be better to have around $900 and even safer to have $1,200.

It is important to understand that when you bet there is no guarantee that you will win right away, so you need to have some money aside to cover the loses. So your bankroll is to protect you from the downside swings (you can find some on the diagram in Introduction section).

Once you start winning, your bankroll will start to increase. There are two main options what to do with the money that you win: withdraw the winnings and enjoy them or reinvest, increase the bankroll, increase the bet size and thus increase the future winnings.

Before you decide to withdraw some money, our advice is that your bankroll stays in the safe zone (above 20 bets). Especially if you decide to start with small bankroll (compared to the bet amount), for instance 10-bet bankroll, we would advise that you do not withdraw the winnings before you reach 20-bet bankroll.

If you decide to reinvest your winnings and increase the bankroll, the advice is not to increase the bet amount before you reach the Safe Bankroll zone. Once your bankroll is above 20-bets, you can start to increase the betting size.

Betting Strategy

The betting strategy is basically the logical way in which you make the bets. If you are new to betting, our advice is to follow the simplest strategy which is to bet on a single pick and bet the exactly the same amount each time. So for instance you decide that you have €1000 that you can use for betting only, then this €1000 would make up your bankroll. You can start by betting €100 per corner pick. As you can see from the diagram in Introduction, you would have been up by more than €650 in just a week. Our advice is that you do not skip our pick offers. There are two reasons for that:

1. If you skip a winning pick and you might have the feeling that you did not win enough and will try to make it up by betting more on the next one;

2. If you skip a losing pick you might start to think that your feeling was correct about the pick and that we provided the “losing” pick. However this is only a coincidence and wrong perception that you might create for yourself, since the picks that we provide have statistically almost the same probability to win as well as to lose.

By betting on all corner picks, your winning rate would be in the range of 70-75%, meaning that you will be winning approximately 70% and up to 75% of the times that you make a bet. Approximate average coefficient for the corner pick is currently around 1.55. So, you should expect to make a return of more than 10% on a single bet. For example, if you bet $100 per each pick and you bet on 50 picks, you should expect to win at least €500 (€100 per pick X 10% X 50 picks = €500).


Betting requires self-control and discipline. You already know that by using our picks and following three principles above, you would have the significant edge about the betting. You should try to follow the betting with your brain and not with your heart. This means that you should follow your strategy and do not get emotional when betting. Often, when people lose, they get inclined to make hasty decisions that are usually unprofitable, bet on something they would not have bet otherwise, increase the betting or start spending the bankroll on something else. So what to bear in mind when losing:

  1. Variance is part of the betting, so that means you should not expect to win 100% of the time. It is important to understand that losing couple of bets does not mean that you are unlucky or you are going to lose in the future. Try to stay calm and follow the betting strategy;
  2. If you get inclined to bet on some other game (not our pick) because you lost couple of bets, do it using other saved money, i.e. do not use your bankroll that you use to earn money;
  3. If you lose, in no case increase the betting size! Since in case of another loss, it would decrease your bankroll faster and get you emotionally even worse;
  4. Do not change the strategy because you are upset about losing the bet, only do so when you have thought about it for some time while you were not overwhelmed with emotions from losing;
  5. You should remember that you always have tomorrow to compensate for your losses today.

What to bear in mind when on winning strike:

  1. Winning some money feels nice, however it should not overwhelm you and you should not increase your bet size un-proportionally to the increase in your bankroll. For example, if you start with $100 bet and a $1000 bankroll and go up to $1500, do not start to bet $150 per game. As advised in Bankroll Management section, its better to reach the safe zone bankroll first and then increase the betting size.
  2. When on win strike, one can get an illusion that it will be like that all the time. Then it is going to be more difficult to cope with some losses that might follow.
  3. If you decide to withdraw money, make sure you left enough for your bankroll.

To sum up, if you follow above outlined principles, you can earn some money. By betting using our Corner picks, Yellow Card picks, and VIP picks, this would be no longer betting, but a successful business with high yields.

With us, betting will be profitable and much more enjoyable!