Betandrelax is soccer prediction service, who provides its customers with the best Yellow Cards and Corner picks in the world. Except this we offer Exclusive soccer picks, with big odds for all kind of bettors.

After registration at Betandrelax.com You will granted with our 3 absolutely free features:

1.     Two VIP Cards&Corners picks every week (via email);

2.     Access to free VIP Exclusive picks section (directly at our site);

3.     Access to Team VS Team Statistics comparer (directly at our site);

4.     Free Exclusive picks with very high odds (via email).

So they are two ways:

1.     Simple one – to bet each bet by singles, each bet odds will vary from 1.44-2.00;

2.     A bit smarter – to bet each bet by doubles (First You have to sort all existing picks by date/time and group them by pairs), each bet odds will vary from 1.96-3.25.

Buying subscription to Betandrelax services is very easy and absolutely secure. You have just to register at our site. During registration You have to choose those products, which You want to buy. Payment system – Skrill.

Step by step instruction for existing clients:


Step 1. Log in to site


Step 2. Go to Profile


Step 3. In Your profile select button Add/Renew Subscription


Step 4. Select product You want to buy subscription for



Step 5. Enter verification text and click Next button



Step 6. Make payment via Skrill


This mean that all our VIP picks, which we offer to our VIP customers have win rate of 75%. You will win every 3 picks from 4 each time.

1.     Yellow Cards & Corner picks are easy to bet on betting site. There are several other bookmakers, which You can try too. There is a box at the main page of our site with all necessary information about it.

2.     Exclusive picks always have bookmaker’s name, where You can bet it.

We were the first who could write best yellow cards and corners prediction algorithm in the world. We are working hard day by day to provide our customers with the best service on the web.