❼❺ - New Membership Type

New Membership Type has been added to our service.
Now much more people can subscribe for our Cards, Corners and Exclusive Picks week membership just for EUR25, because of low price for a great package of picks.

  • Exclusive Picks means former Member's picks (Our current subscribers already have access to this product).
  • Card&Corner picks means that all Card&Corner picks, which have no VIP status will be published for our new and of course for current Members.

Member's Card&Corner Picks will have 3 type of winrate - weak, low and medium.
Weak is the smallest winrate, low is higher than weak and medium is the highest winrate pick.

So, to be in short, we have added NonVIP Card&Corner picks to Membership package, which current Members can use right now (without additional payment) and new customers can subscribe for only EUR25 per week.

Good luck to our subscribers. Play with us - Bet and Relax